So, is the Ibanez SR405QM 5 String Bass any good? Is the sound quality ok for the price? I'm planning on buying one and I want to know if it's any good, how good is the bottom end and if it has any major (or minor) flaws any of you guys are aware of...

Thanks, I would appreaciate a link to a review too!!
i'd say its definitely worth it. i bought mine as a scratch and dent at musicians friend so it was 100 bucks cheaper than what it usually is. the bottom end is good enough for what i play (death metal). plays and sounds fine, cant really complain about anything. im happy with my purchase

if i had more money at the time i wouldve got the sr505 instead just cause the neck feels thinner and faster, i can sweep and tap a bit easier on it, if thats what your looking for
It should treat you well. I don't like their necks much, but, their still excellent basses.
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