I've been playing guitar for a little over a year and a half now. I started out teaching myself on an acoustic, but about I year ago I got an electric and started taking lessons. Lately I've been playing mostly things like Purple Haze, Crazy Train, Welcome to the Jungle, etc. I've been practicing soloing and improvising.

When I come across an acoustic guitar, I never really know what to play. I know some chord progressions to simple songs, but a lot of what I do is very electric guitarist-y. Blazing solos (well, as blazing as you get for a year and half of playing, haha) up high, or heavy, distorted rock or metal riffs that don't sound right on an acoustic.

Can someone give me some tips or advice for playing on acoustics? like when I improv, they are normally just single notes over a rock backing track, and with an acoustic guitar, alone, kinda need a fuller sound. I get bored just plunking out various chords but I'm not really sure what else to do. Also any song recommendations? I know Blackbird by the Beatles and Classical Gas, but not really sure where else to go. Also, my guitar teacher only teaches electric stuff, so if anyone has tips/techniques they would be willing to share with me, i would be much appreciative.
if you have Guitar Pro you could learn a lot its helped me... But just using UG to look up Unplugged songs such as Down In A Hole from Alice In Chains Unplugged and Nirvanas Unplugged setlist are really good... Lips Of An Angel the acoustic version i swear play that anywhere near girls and they are drawn towards it but you can find a lot of acoustic or Unplugged Versions of songs
I was in the same position a few weeks back, had been playing electric a lot and knew nearly nothing on acoustic. I went through a few exercises from an exercise book that I have to get my fingers used to an acoustic again and then I usually went through what the popular tabs were on here and picked out the accoustic ones. Or I just looked through my itunes for acoustic songs to learn. I thought there was also a thread in this forum somewhere about popular accoustic/fingerpicking songs to learn but I could be wrong? Anyways thats what I did to get more into acoustic.

Also if you're really getting into it I would recommend like an idiots guide to classical guitar or something or beginners guide to classical guitar.
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Thanks so much! All of this advice/all the links are fabulous. sitting here with my acoustic right now lol

haha and classicrock!! i'm a straight girl so not really lookin to attract the ladies