last night I started a thread here and today it was closed withouth explianation.

The only reason I can think of is that in the first post someone posted a link to another thread for the same band, but the last post was over a year ago.
it doesn't matter, it's a thread about the band, the mods don't want multiple threads on the same exact topic

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For future reference, if a thread is ever closed, instead of making a thread asking about why it was closed, politely PM a mod of the forum the thread was in. The list of mods of a forum can be found in box to the right of the list of who is browsing the forum, underneath all the threads.

The mods are the ones with coloured names

As for why it was closed, its probably because of the existing thread. The way a forum is run, is up to its assigned mods. Considering the already existing thread is small, and old, the new thread would probably have remained open in the alt &indie forum, but the metal forum is a lot busier than a&i so they might be a little stricter
Snyper is the mod who closed your thread. Pm him
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