So here's the skinny: I bought an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB a while ago, back when I had an XP machine. Maybe two years ago? Three? Anyway, it's relatively new, but not current. I record maybe once every few months. I usually plug my guitar into the mixer direct for a reference track, and then overdub a better acoustic track with the mic, vocals, and often keyboards. Sometimes some other stuff, but not usually more than 2-4 tracks other than vocals. I used Audacity for all my recording.

It was working awesome. Then the machine started getting old and would occasionally crash when I was multitracking, so I upgraded. A couple months ago I got a new machine which runs Vista 64. Now Audacity won't recognize the Alesis mixer! There's no input selection at all - not even Microsoft Sound Mapper.

Does anyone know how to make this work? I tried downloading a new driver, but Alesis doesn't have one for Windows 64. The mixer technically works, since I can still get it to send a signal through the headphone jack.

Is there any way I can get this running again for free? Would a different program do the trick? I really don't have the cash to put into a brand new mixer, especially this time of year. If I did need to buy something, can anyone suggest anything with 2-4 inputs and phantom power that I can get super cheap and works with Vista 64?
Quote by jailedmenonly
does it need to be powered externally?

Yep! Big wall wart.

Or did you mean the potential replacement? I would prefer external power since that would put a lower drain on the CPU (and in theory cause less noise), but I'll bite at anything that's good and cheap. Right now, the Lexicon Lambda and Omega seem like winners. Anyone use those with Vista 64?
the problem is that mixer/interface doesn't have 64 bit drivers...as you said in the first post.

Unless Alesis puts out a driver for windows 7 64bit and you get that OS, you are not going to get it to work. At this point you have yourself a low end analog mixer with effects built in...
Better to lie low for a while man and wait for Alesis to bring out the drivers. You say you only record once every few months anyway, so it shouldnt be too big a deal right?