You don't hear of many people who strictly use software amps. I've been using amplitube and really like it. Is it less quality then a real physical amp? I've got a really nice sound system so I don't know if there would be a difference? But i'm just a noob so thats why i'm asking

Also does anyone recommend other software amps besides amplitube?

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Is it bad to use a software amp? Yes, you'll get herpes.
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For recording yes.. but I plug into a mixer before I plug into the computer
Is it bad to use a software amp? Yes, you'll get herpes.
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I find that software amp modelling does really great stuff with clean tones but is a little less pleasurable for distorted tones.

I think once you get a chance to rock out on a nice tube amp, you'll make your decision for yourself.
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And decide, for yourself.

Wow i just spent like 2 hours doing all that with those plugins. Nice sound but it takes 70% of my CPU!!!

As someone else said here, it sounds REALLLLY nice with the clean tones. Man amplitube sounds sooo muddy compared to this. Im so glad i found these forums.