So I have posted before about the bad first gig experience with this band and about our gig at the Whiskey a go go. The more I play with this band the more I realize that it is just not that fun. I don't feel any connection with the other guys in the band, and don't feel like I relate to them at all. I also don't speak with them at all outside of practice, and don't talk too much when practicing either. But part of me wants to stay because we are playing gigs which I love doing, and have the gig at the whiskey in a month. I don't want to leave before the whiskey gig because I don't think I will have another chance to play there. But I feel like it would be bad if I left right after the gig, and pretty much wasted 2 months of their time practicing with me. I have a lot more fun when I am jamming with my friends, even though we're not gigging. I've never had to quit a band before, and I think I'd feel really guilty for leaving for not a good reason.
Say it's not them, it's you. Also that you don't think you guys can be together anymore because you found someone better.

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Play the gig.
Nothing screams "I'm a complete asshole"more than leaving a band right before a gig date.
Remember, if you leave, your band will have to look for another guitarist and have him/her learn the songs.

Let them know you're gonna play the whiskey gig but they should start looking for a new guitarist.
stay,... If you leave right after the gig,. you'll be potrayed as a douchebag,.. if you leave before,.. you'll still be a douchebag
Quote by Auatarch
Let them know you're gonna play the whiskey gig but they should start looking for a new guitarist.

I'd go with this. Doesn't screw them over and make them have to rush around looking for a new guitarist, and you save face. Also looks a lot more professional than leaving before or right after.
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believe it or not, the music community in nearly every area is a small one.

word gets out that you bailed before a big show, and you're gonna be hurting for offers to join other bands if that becomes your goal down the road (hey, you might have fun jammin' with buddies now, but like you said, you want to do gigs).

i'd say do the show, but let them know to be on the lookout for your replacement, and if you really want to score some cool points, spend a little time with the new guy showing him how to play a few of the riffs. that way you don't throw a major roadblock in the way of your current band. let's extrapolate what this means:
your current band, with the new guitarist that you helped get up to speed, has some level of local success (hey, you're playing the WAGG already, right?). you start up a new band down the road, but, as a new band, no one knows you. you call up your old bandmates and ask to get on a bill. they remember you as a pretty cool dude who didn't royally **** them over when you left. BAM! you're in.
...just one of a gazillion possibilities. you get the idea though.
I was in the same situation as you. A buddy of mine wanted me to play guitar in their band, and after playing with them for a bit, one practice I thought to myself...Self, what the hell are you doing here, you don't like the music, you aren't having fun, and you don't see this really going anywhere..." SO i finished the practice, called them up latter, and told them I was done, and just wasn't as into their band as I thought I would be.

But like you said, its not fair to them, or yourself, if your only giving a half ass effort in the band. You could be out looking or forming a band, that you are into and have fun in.
i felt like crap the first time i quit a band.

i think the other guys had the best advice, tell them you arn't happy, and you will stay on until they find a second guitarist, and tell them straight up that if they want you will show the new guitarist how to play the songs etc. it will score you points down the road, and these guys are right, the music community is way to small to start pissing guys off. (PS you get to play the whiskey you lucky sob)
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