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Got a big surprise today - an early birthday present. My mum was like "What are we gonna do about that guitar you want", and I said "I dunno". Then she just went "Let's go get it", and we did, and now I have it

The headstock was the first thing that drew me to this guitar.

Continued below...

Incase you can't see it, it says made in China. Meh, it still plays amazingly - no dead frets, awesome action which isn't too high or too low, as you hopefully see below

BTW, it's an Epiphone Sheraton II.
I love me some Sheraton action Congrats for a classy NGD.
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things beautiful, hngd!
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Nice man HNGD!
I wish my parents would go out guitar shopping with me spontaneously =P
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Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
New guitars are always the best guitars. So shiny a new.

It's puurrrtyy =)
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Quote by Kurapica
I love me some Sheraton action Congrats for a classy NGD.

Cheers First thing I thought when I saw it was "Aww yeah B.B. King style" - black with gold hardware, noish.
VERY nice.

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beautiful! congrats. man that thing looks good.
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God I'd make live to that thing.

Want! I actually I want it lol
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gorgeous!! even if you didnt have those sick inlays, the black w/ gold hardware would be enough.

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I have been looking for the 'perfect' first electric guitar for over a year and have never looked at this one. I think you may have helped me finally find 'the one'! I was reading the reviews on musiciansfriend and there is like 150 and almost all are 5 star reviews. That is encouraging. Can you tell me anything else about it? Is it as amazing as people said in reviews? Any downsides? Does it stay in tune? Oh, and what is the neck like. I have big hands so I like kind of a wide, fat neck. I played some PRS SE's and there necks felt really good to me. Is it anything like that type of neck? Thanks for any info, I appreciate it!
That is a very nice looking guitar!

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I move that the pickguard come off. Do I have a second?
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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Black body...bold. You better keep that nice and clean, or I'll come after you. Really nice looking guitar, man. HNGD!
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I move that the pickguard come off. Do I have a second?

I'll see what happens. I actually like the tortoise look of the pickguard, and I'm a bit of a heavy strummer as far as things go (the strings that came stock are pretty flimsy, I'll have to be putting some .11s or something on it), so I'd prefer that the pickguard get damaged rather than the actual body. But I'll give it a bit of a trial and see how I feel about it.

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I love the headstock and the logo the most. Nice.

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For your viewing pleasure:

As you can see, I took the pickguard off - I'll give it a shot without. I also tried to give the hardware a bit of a clean (it was a floor model, but that's what you get when you get $400 off the RRP straight up), with little luck. Ah well, all I used was a hanky and my breath, there are plenty of other options.

There's that inconspicuous wire going right across there. It doesn't really matter as far as things go, but I'm a bit OCD like that ya know?

Anyone know where to get long shoulder straps from? I've tried it with the strap that I use for my strat (it was the strap that came with my first guitar, so it ain't all that good anyway), and the guitar looked massively high up on the longest length that the strap can be. One thing I've found with this guitar is that it seems to be a lot easier to play standing up compared to my strat - I dunno why, I'm just finding it easier to pick and the short scale makes that extra difference in that I don't need to move my hand as much. I also reckon it would look awesome slung reasonably low.

edit: another thing: the headstock is huge. It's actually one of my favourite parts of the guitar because of the inlay on it, but it's massive and there's a bit of top-heaviness. It shouldn't be an issue when you're actually playing while standing up, but once you take your hands off the guitar it does a nose-dive.

Also, the f-holes just look awesome, but that stuff about it increasing feedback is certainly true - doesn't really matter, I love controlled feedback, I just hope it would be able to hold up in a performance situation.
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A nice guitar like that deserves a nice strap. A fat leather Fender of Levy strap would do the trick
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Well, the gold plating on the pups sure is thin...the places that my hands come into contact with the bridge pickup (the top of it where I put my hand for palm muting, and the bottom where my pinky and ring finger sometimes anchor) are basically silver.

I've heard that these are pretty generic pickups, and that I could probably do better: I've gotta say that they're not as hot as I'm used to - which may just be because it's a jazz guitar - and they generally sound pretty dull compared to the Dimarzio on my strat. Any suggestions for some new pups? I'd like to keep the neck pretty mellow so I can use this guitar for what it's intended for, which is basically jazz, but I'd like a hotter bridge pickup that can handle a bit of crunch; not full-blown scooped-mids metal, which I probably could totally do, but I wouldn't've gotten this guitar then right? - basically a pickup suited to a modern rock sound, something like Foo Fighters (top-of-the-head example).

hngd bud, just got me akorean dot recently. gotta love hollowbodies.. have fun with it!
DID u turn 21 or something ... What an awesome birthday present ...
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It feels a little good inside to be fair, i feel like i rocked to hard that i killed my amp.


That is one of the nicest guitars I have seen in ages. I'm very tempted to buy one. HNGD
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DID u turn 21 or something ... What an awesome birthday present ...

18. 21 means nothing in Australia

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That is one of the nicest guitars I have seen in ages. I'm very tempted to buy one. HNGD

It makes me proud to say that I'm an Epiphone user to say the least.

I hate the headstock inlay though.
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Also, I like black.

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Nice - i daresay i prefer it once the gold hardware has tarnished like my sheraton.

but you've just reminded me that mine really needs a setup... it's a '98 sheraton made in korea. it's excellent, but i really gotta sort out the fret buzz on the lower frets (probably a truss rod adjustment required) and dodgy intonation.

anyway, HNGD
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