Hi, I play alot of metal and currently own a Zakk wylde OD pedal, a few guitars such as mid range ibanez's and a line 6 spider III 30W, amp will be replaced in the future so plz dont offer me any amps to get instead

Just was wondering what would be a good wah pedal to get for a nice metal solo sound, like the unforgiven III solo, and yet for popular songs like sweet child of mine, or hendrix songs.
price range is less than 150$.

Also, my friend really wants a new bass guitar but can only afford 500$ for a new 4 string, please reply saying if the http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Damien-Bass-Guitar-104481965-i1416288.gc
Schecter damien 4 string with emg hz's is a good choice for a bass around his price, he plays maiden and metallica mainly.
Sorry i just realized this is in the wrong section :S maybe why nobody is answering, but i just noticed it had most people viewing.
Try a Morley or the ever-reliablr Crybaby. You gotta spend $$ to get quality, there are some shit guitar effects pedals out there.
crybabys aren't that reliable...

I heard ibanez is reissuing a supposedly epic wah, for like $100. I'd try and find that.

whatever you do, make sure it's true bypass, or you'll be kicking yourself for it later.
kirk hammett crybaby
dimebag crybaby
crybaby 535Q
vox v847
theyre all really good
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