First time buying an acoustic. All help is appreciated.

No reviews on this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-AEG-Series-AEG25E-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-877453-i1474097.gc

I'm pretty sure it's this one, picked it up off the wall and liked the sound of it. Anyone else played one?
Any acoustic guitar recommendations are welcome too, you know, something I can't live without; preferably around $350.
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do you have to get an acoustic electric? for that price, you'll be trading quality for electronics. if you can live without the electronics, i'd recommend the yamaha fg730s, yamaha fg720s, and just about any seagull you can afford - probably the entourage.

or one of these
you're not likely to find one in a store, but they have a full sound, more bass than some guitars, and a solid top - always a plus.
You could do a lot worse than the Cort Earth series. There's 3 or 4 in your price range and all have solid Spruce tops. I've played a few and they are light and responsive to the touch.
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A Yamaha APX500 is a good alround guitar and the slim body makes it easier for beginers to learn on.