That is mine.

The guy wants to trade for anything of his:


It all looks like shit, except this:


Think it's worth it to trade (assuming it feels nice and sounds good and everything) my Danelectro for this strat knockoff? He SAYS it's pretty much a MIM "but better quality wood" It's got fender parts and all... I'm on the fence about it, this is really the only good thing he has for trade, and I'm not even sure if it's good, as I'm not a fender (well fender guitars) guy, so I don't know if an HSS is good or not.
Don't do it if you're not sure. I personally would rather have the Danelectro anyways.
Oh I'm good on guitars, I was planning on selling that and buying this used tele (MIA) at my local music store (it's only like $600 I gotta get it quick). But I heard MIM strats are decent.
I wouldn't do it. It has no brand, I don't trust this guy anyways...
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