Just...how the hell do you compose that!?
You need to have an instant backmasking devince inside your head to make something like this sound good. Is there a way of composing these kind of canons? (or type of music) Or is this good only because Bach is an utter genius?

If there's a way of composing these type of backward music it would be pretty cool (to make a solo for instance).

That canon came from the "Musical Offering" collection of his, which have even weirder canons, such as the one involving the Shepard's tone:

Not that hard, you just have to make sure the reversed harmonies work well together. Ever heard the intro of "Blackened" by Metallica? It sounds just as good forward as it does backwards.
Yeah I've heard it, although I was taking in consideration more complex melodies (and countermelodies coming from said backward melodies)...

Anyways, I'm gonna try doing a solo in a similar style as this one (maybe not with the counterpoint) and see how it goes....