Hi, for school I have to do a project, and I chose to modify my old yamaha starter guitar.

The model is the EG-112 which is a strat copy, it's currently H/S/S, but I plan on making it a H/S/H (It's swimming pool routed so no worries about that). Now, with this guitar I want to be able to play anything from really high gain metal to nice clean stuff.

First question, I probably want to use a EMG 81 for my high gain pickup, but I've heard it doesn't work with passive pickups, does that mean i won't be able to use my EMG and middle single coil at the same time, or will the passives just not work whatever position the switch is in? Because I do not mind not being able to play the EMG and the single coil at once since the single coil is gonna be for cleans. Any other suggestions as to which high output pickup to use?

Second question, would a Lace holy grail be a good middle pickup for good cleans? This is really the only thing I want from this pickup, cleans.

And lastly, what would be a good pickup to put in the neck, that would have great smooth cleans and a good crunch for the vintage stuff.