Okay, Story Time: So about 4 years ago, when i was a wee lad and before i got serious about learning guitar, I bought an old Yamaha off a friend of mine for five bucks, the cheap price being due to the fact the "the soundboard is broken" or some such crap, but since i didn't have an amp anyway, I figured I would learn how to play and get a new one. I practiced for a whole two days before I got bored and stuffed it in the garage. Since then I've gotten serious with my playing and have gone through multiple instruments, but today i was digging around in my garage and i found this old piece of crap, and i had an idea: Would it be possible to completely rebuild it? Strip out all the electronics and keep the frame? I've included pictures of it with my crappy cellphone camera, along with a shot of the headstock for anyone that's willing to give guessing the model a shot. So whaddaya think, would it be possible/worth restoring it to working condition?

It actaully looks to be in decent shape as is, but it looks like a Ibanez RG knock off, but just has Yamaha slaped on the headstock, if anything its a super knock off of both the Yamaha brand and the Ibanez RG model, cause the letters on the headstock look fake.

I say restring it real quick to see how it sounds and plays then determin if its worth restoring.
Hah, that's funny, I actually have an Ibanez RG and they do look kinda similar...but that's the thing, i think my friend tried plugging it in his amp and it didnt work...I was thinking the pickups were the problem, but the insides are all torn to hell as if the kid that had it before me dug around in it without knowing what he's doing, screwed it up, and sold it to me, which is why i was thinking of just rebuilding it from scratch...EMG pickups and a new floyd rose bridge would look pretty sick on that thing.
Yeah, your not getting a floyd in that thing very easily. Lots of routing will ensue if you try. But EMG's sound like a nice idea, but if you want a locking trem that you can abuse the hell out of without having to do much modification to the guitar then these might fit that guitar:
There specificly for Fender guitars, but it might fit that guitar, since the trem designs are pertty close and nut width are pertty much the same.
Hmm, even if i cant fit a floyd rose in there i want to replace the bridge...i remember changing strings on that thing was a pain, much more of a pain than changing floyd rose strings, even.