so... i read somewhere that the guitar neck's scale has got something to do with the string gauge, i use a Cort "common" guitar, i say common cause i don't know it's model but it's one of those fender-kind "replicas" that all those non-big companies make just to get some profit, so, i think it surely has got a fender neck. I use drop B tunning, currently i use .11-.52 gauge, but the low strings are still loose for my taste, i was thinking about upgrading my wounds to something around .56,.44 and .32 (6th,5th and 4th), my question is: can i use this gauge on this guitar without damaging it?, does the scale really have something to do with the gauge?

well thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english doods, keep it heavy
There is a relationship between string guage and scale, in regards to the affect on the neck. Longer scale necks are more affected by the tension than short necks...just physics. This said, I have never heard that there is a 'wrong' guage for a certain scale - likely just need to adjust the truss rod to compensate.
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That gauge will be fine, especially since you're downtuning with it, which decreases tension.
mmmm i see, and... u see, i have discovered that i like to have my wounds very tight, and my plains not that thight, do you think that if i use my strings: .56/.58 - .44 - .32 - .19/.20 - .14 - .10, my guitar could be damaged due to the unbalance of tension on the neck?, i mean, the tension decreasing as the strings get thiner :/

thanks alot for ur answers fokes!