So I have absolutely zero recording experience. I'm looking for a setup that I can use to record, playing:

- Electric guitar
- Acoustic/Electric
- Pure acoustic
- Vocal
- Antique Mandolin

Now, the problem is I don't even know what's involved. I'd love to be able to multitrack and all that, any suggestions or even a point in the right direction?
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for an absolute beginner, i would recommend getting this

that will get you all you need (and a little more) to get up and running for a pretty good price.

if not, you'll at least need an interface, microphone, and a good DAW. i'm going to tell you right off... don't listen to all the freaking sm57 hype around here, it's a great mic, but not at all the best in your situation.

first things first though. look around online as much as you can and learn as much about recording and gear as you can before you get started.

EDIT: or this one... http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Digidesign-Pro-Tools-Mbox-Mini-Package?sku=702525
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No, defiantly don't get that. The Minis lack Midi support which is a big plus for down the line (in case you plan on expanding). I would probably get the pack he first suggested.

Also, if you do get the pack above, I would also suggest a good dynamic mic for micing an electric guitar amp (Like the SM57 which will get the job done. Its not the end all mic but its good to have one around).

Just my 2 cents on the subject
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