This poem pretty much describes my life right now. I'm pretty new at this, so it my not be the best quality. Critiques would be appreciated.

A year and a half and I still have this hole.
I’m trapped in time I can’t move on.
I feel broken, so alone.
The only things left my guitar and my gun.

This void in my soul the music can’t fill.
I distract myself by training to kill.
But this life seems empty and I can’t heal.
Just want to remember how to feel.

My purpose I know but its four years removed.
In the meantime it’s hard to find love.
But still I’m sure that I want to live.
I’m praying for a sign from above.

Sometimes in late night communion with friends
I just pray for it all to end.
But into these depths I must descend,
For I still have my home to defend.
They say that in the army, the food is mighty fine.
The chicken jumped off the table and killed a friend of mine.

Oh lord, I want to go home.
But they won't let me go-o
Ho-oho-ohohahohohome. Hey!