I looking for a rackmount multi-effects that can be controlled with a midi foot board.

I have friends with a Behringer v something and another with the Digitech GSP.

I'd really like a TC Electronics G system (any), but I'm not going to be using it for anything except playing around before and after practices. So I can't see spending that much for something I'll barely use.

Right now my pedal board consists of a wah, DD6, DD3, Chorus Factory, and a Holy Grail Reverb.

I'd like to get rid of everything if I can find a good enough rackmount multi-effect.. I need something with really good delay. Though I don't use it right now in my band, melodic hardcore and indie are my love and I need them for all the other stuff I write, and hopefully one day if I have time, use in a band.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
lexicon xm300...

great delays, EXCELLENT reverbs, pretty good fx otherwise (I like the chorus alot too), and runs about $300 new. also lets you ditch everything but the wah.

EDIT: oh yeah, and it's MIDI controllable, but I don't remember off the top of my head if it provides phantom power.
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I recently bought a used TC Electronics G major, and I must say I love it. Its awesome, its got Pingpong, Dual, and Dynamic Delays, several types of reverbs, modern and vintage chorus, flanging, phaser, pitch shifting. Its midid controllable and its pretty easy to setup and everything, plus you can use it to switch channels on your amp or preamp.

The G major however is discontinued... But they revamped it and created the G major 2, which has all the same stuff fine tuned and a few more bonus effects too, like a harmonizer/intelligent pitch shifting, rotary reverb or something and new or improved delays. Its about $500 I think.
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+1 on the G major. It's amazing, I just didn't like the flanger but everything else is amazing chorus, reverb, delays, pitch....
+2 to the gmajor. i have one and i love it. i use a behringer midi footswitch with it and i'm pleased with both. now that the gmajor 2 is out, the gmajor 1 is going pretty cheap on the used market. i got a steal on mine.
The Rocktron Replifex is hands down the best multi-effects unit on the market that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. They go for around $200.

Much better than the G-Major, both in sound quality and built quality.
THREAD JACK, theres one on my Craigslist for 300 CDN. That a good deal?
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