Hey guys! I just need a little bit of help! OK.

Whenever I have to use my Pinkie for a scale or a solo, I struggle- My pinkie "Locks" and then creates the finger to "jolt" suddenly. Firstly: I have been playing now for 4 years, will it just take practise to learn a scale without my finger jolting? AND, is it normal for my finger to jolt?
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Seems like you have a lot of tension in your fretting hand. Practise hammer ons and pull offs with your little finger without using your picking hand. As always start slow then build speed. If you're looking to economise your technique then perfecting the efficient use of the pinkie is crucial. However, don't forget that Django Reinhardt only used two of his fingers on left hand and he didn't do to badly...
Try learning Minor Swing.
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Okay thanks! I'll Give it a try! And also, I don't have a video of it, sorry. Now, I'm going to check out the minor Swing, thank you!
Malmsteen used 3 fingers most of the time. But that doesn't mean you should. Show us a video. You probably just need to practice hammering with your pinky. If what I think you are talking about is your problem, then I've been there.
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Alright! I'll Try to get somone to film it sometime then! thanks! And also. I cannot find the Minor Swing Scale. I have found a minor scale, but i assume that's different, yeah?
Thanks! Lol. It sucks
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