I'm a bedroom rocker. My wife dosen't appreciate loud rock music so I'm in there plugged into my 15 watt Orange trough a zoom multi effects pedal. When I really want to rock I'm plugged into my Guitar port into my laptop. My problem is I can't get pick harmonics to really squeal. I just got Crazy Train down and would like to give it the Zack Wilds version but just can't get that squeal. I have a nice guitar (Floyd Rose) with hot dimarsio humbuckers. Seems like I get better results from the neck pickup. Any suggestions on how to get the desired effect with the equipment I have?
Help would be apperciated.
for squeals use the neck pup and turn the gain up but i you need to rock quietly i would recomend a headphone amp their like fourty dollars and you can put as much gain as you want and n ot bother anyone
Which DiMarzio pickups do u have on your guitar?

Try the Breed on the neck and bridge, and hear your baby roar out loud!! The pick harmonics (a.k.a. pinch harmonics) would be of much higher definition once you have adjusted the tone settings of your guitar and tone and distortion on your amp...
Do you have your bridge pickup close enough to the strings? I know on my 550 the pinch harmonics don't come out as well as on my RG2EX1. The only relevant differences that I can see are Ibanez V2 pickup vs. DiMarzio Super Distortion and the fact that I've got the pickups on my 550 set a little lower for better sustain.
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I'm learning pinch harmonics too, My advice is to pracitce them on every string for 5 minutes a day, I started learning on the G-String fretting at the 4th fret. Try hitting them 3/8th of the way between the pick-ups
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Set your pickup height so when you press the string at the 22 fret the string just passes over the pickup.(Bridge pickup)
Make sure your guitars intonation is bang on.
Make sure you have no fret buzz anywhere,this will dampen the harmonic.
Use a hard plectrum.
Set tone and overdrive/distortion to max.
Strike the note either just in front or just behind the neck pup(although position varies on differant guitars and strings.
I find if you angle your thumb down it helps,also striking the string more softly can work better than digging in hard.
Thats my humble opinion hope it helps
I would say 50 percent or more of guitar players do not hold their guitar picks correctly, this is often the reason they fail at doing pinch harmonics. Pinches are very little to do with your gear, to be honest i can do them unplugged and hear them, sure they sound lame but i can hear that its a pinch. Make sure that you are holding your pick so the line of the side of your thumb is parallel to the strings with the pick tip slightly protruding from your thumb, then when you do a pinch make sure that side of the thumb catches the strings, very easy to do. Since changing the way i hold my pick i can now do pinches on demand no problem at all. Also take note that it depends on where you hit the string as to what your pinches sound like so move up and down the string to find the sweet spot.
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Thanks you guys. All good advice. I think what helped the most was raising the pickups. Still cant sqeal like Zak but will keep on. I love guitars!
practice on an acoustic. They are hard to hear, but you will know when you make one. if you can reliably do it on an acoustic then electric is easy.
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All the suggestions about using the bridge pickup and havign it close to the strings are way off. Having your pickups further from the strings will actually get pinch harmonics to ring out better if your technique is good enough - additionally the neck pickup can pick up on pinch harmonics just as well as the bridge pickup can.

It's all about technique, basically. You can get pinch harmonics ringing out very loudly and clearly on acoustics if your technique is good enough. It's boring to hear, but practising over and over is about all you can do. The only piece of kit that can really help is a compressor, which if your technique isn't so good, will let the quiet harmonics ring out as loudly as any other note. The drawback is it evens out everything, not just harmonics - so your single notes will be as loud as chords and things like picking lighter or using the guitar's volume control will do next to nothing. Lots of heavy metal guitarists do use compressors though, you may well like the effect anyway.
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