Just having fun with synth, little chord variety and b-grade horror music. the chromatic strings sound great on some comps and shit on others
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alright, thanks for the crit on my song, I'll extend the solos, check it out later

So now onto your song.
The intro was great, I really liked the chords and how the different instruemtn entered.
The whole song has nice dark atmosphere.

There are some things I like to point out, although it's jsut how I would have written the piece. And since my style is a lot different from yours, you can either try it out or ignore it.

I liked the joining in of the drums at bar 41. But it kinda interrupts the flow there. I can't put my finger on the exact porblem, it just feels that it could be better. I guess you have to play around with the drums a little bit. It still sounds great though.

Now the most important point. If I ahd written the song, I'd put a nice blastbeat into bar52 and would have started with a death metal song. Great into for tomsething like that and it really would be epic.

I don't like that the drums stop right after that, but I see your point there.

The snare thing at bar 64 is cool.

All in all this song has many great buildups and a nice atmosphere, but it soudns a bit incomplete. I'd either extend the piece or cut it in half and use it as an intr for a metal song.
Still, good work 9/10
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Hm thanks for the crit thobor.

I chucked a blast beat in haha

I see your point about the feeling of incompleteness, thats one of the reasons i put it up here. I feel like it could be used for something i just dont know what hahaha

I Think ill try the idea of using it as an intro, If the instruments were bass instead of strings and guitar with uber effects on instead of halo pads it could work....

Think ill also extend the end to see where it could go. I just stopped it because it was for a school asessment and it couldnt be very long. Ill be sure to check your edited song later g
Your right about the cheese, but it's not bad. It's defiantly not something I'd sit down and listen to, but it would make an awesome movie score.

For a song I'd only give it 5/10 max

but as a score with a movie it'd be up in the 8's and 9's
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That was much better than expected.

It's atmospheric tones do work more as a score than do as a song.
I do agree with Thorbor on most of the points, especially the percussion suddenly dropping out. That's about the only part that this song loses momentum.
If anything, I wouldn't use it as an intro or anything. It's a good segue between songs or just as a collection of ominous tones.
Your call.