I have not re-read this once or brainstormed it or whatever. One may say it is stream of consciousness.

It has been and it will be for a while
7 days since God created Earth
7 days at the center of the universe
7 days

Time moves slowly
Just a single tick
Can take years
We may live for millenniums

At the center of the universe

Billions of billions of worlds
spin around us
the chance of life?
Infinitely small

Time is relative
To a body of mass
Is there time at a black hole
Or is it just hard to find

We live
We breath
We flourish

Yet there has been no greater miracle
Than the miracle of time
Years here are seconds elsewhere
Yet it is also billions of years at some places

The implications
Are infinite
Like God’s hand
Which can count to infinity

How long has it been since the Earth began?
45 billion years here but
7 days
7 days at the center of the universe