i play guita in the band sights set at midnight! i am lookin to do some solo acoustic stuff and i have no lyric flow! where do i start?
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Just like with playing a musical instrument, most people start off poorly and have some ability to improve. Try paying more attention to lyrics in songs whose styles you like and reading articles on this topic.

Note that not everyone is "cut out" to write lyrics. If you're really after top-quality (although it's quite subjective) words, you might want to consider collaborating with others. It could be a good thing to try just for the sake of gaining tips and seeing how other people work, too.

Also, you don't have to buy a rhyming dictionary if you don't want to. I've seen articles where people say it's a necessity, but seriously! There's no need to insult the average person's intelligence, psht.
Where do you start?
Writing what you want!
Dont turn into another manufactured singer who writes what others write for them, or want them to write.
Just write some songs, dont try and work around music to start with, just note down lyrics and build up until you're confident enough that you can make them fit
What does the music you write remind you of?

It's usually easier to write lyrics after you write music, that way you have a guideline as to where you fit the words you've used to describe the images in your head.
Getting a songwriting partner to write the lyrics for you.
Some great songwriters shouldn't be lead guitarists, some great guitarists shouldn't be singer songwriters.

No offense, but your careful attention to language within your own post isn't a positive indicator of your potential as word smith. It's no big crime to be sloppy on an internet forum, but many of the same people that pay special attention to all language in the first place are the ones that become good lyricists.
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keep it Orig. man it comes from the soul. . . .doesn't have to rhyme
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im a lyricist if you would like any help
Sorry if Ive offended some kind of Punk God I should brush up on my Commandments of Punk maybe copy down the Punk Bible a few thousand times so I don't forget again sorry for my error O Punk Master Of All Things That Are Punk .
I find i just write down ideas and look at what can be brought together. If two things are similar try making them into a couple of verses, if they work well together see if you can come up with a chorus, don't worry about music at this point, that comes later. You just want to get the bones of a song first. Once you ahve a couple of verses and a chorus try putting them together. If you can make up riffs on a guitar you can sing some stuff to yourself and put it to a melody. You now have a basic song. What comes next is refining it, perhaps add a bridge, put the song into an order that goes well and make sure it works, it doesn't have to rhhyme!
Now you have your lyrics and song structure decide where you want a solo and various other bits and your away.

This is just one way though, there are many ways and you may not find this easy. But it's the way i do it so, see what you think
I always have something on me to write on/with. This allows you to instantly record any cool ideas you may have, like snippets and lines that may end up being an inspiration for the rest of a song. I'm not saying to go out and randomly write down all the Sh** you think is cool, I'm saying that if you come across something that inspires you, really inspires you, you should take note of it somewhere.

Alternatively, another technique I've used before is to concentrate really hard on the idea, message or concept you're trying to convey in the song. Then write down adjectives and other words that come to mind when you describe your idea to yourself.

For example, picture old school heavey metal/rock n roll. What do bands like AC/DC and other classics make you think of when you listen to their music? For me, it's going ot fast, Hitting hard, Drinking, Gambling, Badassery, etc. Just keep the flow of words going and you'll have a decent mind map of your idea. you can use these words or phrases in your song, or simply to help you take your idea further.

As for actually fitting lyrics into the music, it's probably easier ( for me at least ) to start with the melody and syllable pattern you want the vocals to follow and build of that. You could also try playing any guitar material you have, and simply humming a cool fitting melody in whatever pattern you want over the guitar. That'll give you an idea of what you want the song to sound like, and will provide a sort of stencil to write your lyrics to.

Again, not saying you should follow all these rules and stuff. I'm just saying using one or two of those techniques might help you along. Too many rules can lead to bland material.
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