i am debating between a taylor or one of the new epiphone masterbuilt series.
i have done some research on both. i love the electronics in the taylor but everything on the epi is really pro. even the neck joint! help please
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I'm not a taylor fan...If it's a taylor below a 314 I wouldn't even give it the time of day personally.. What is your budget?

And probably better to try Acoustic/Classical forum, kindly ask a moderator to move this thread there.

EDIT: And do you want a dready/jumbo/something else?
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I am a Taylor fan, I have the 110, and I will tell you any model Taylor is awesome if you like the bright Taylor tone. I personally will not own an acoustic other than Taylor since I have purchased my 1st one. Their tone is what does it for me personally.

That aside, THe Epi Masterbuilts are fine guitars, and a bit cheaper than the Taylors. So it really depends on the sound you are looking for. The Epi's do not sound like a Taylor and vice versa. You really can not go wrong with either model, so you need to go play them and decide which tone is the one for you. For me, its a Taylor. May be the Epi for you tho, only you can decide.
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