No idea at all what it is, i just wrote it
And if this is the wrong thread, don't be all dicky about it being in the wrong thread.

E| -----------------------------------------------
B| -----------------------------------------------
G| -----------------------------------------------
D| -----------------------------------------------
A| -------7----5-----7------------3-------------
D| --0-0--0-0--0-0-----0h3h5----------------
* * * * * *


E| ---------------------------------------------------
B| ---------------------------------------------------
G| ---------------------------------------------------
D| -------------------5-------------------------------
A| ------7----5--7------------------------------------
D| -0-0--0-0--0--------------------------------------
* * * * *

* = pm

Thanks if you could help!
EDIT: the * wasn't in line
Most of the D notes on the low d are palm muted, except the one that has the hammer on bit
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You cant work out a time signature without knowing what the note values are; 8ths, 16ths, triplets etc.
ahh k
well..the first tab its all 8ths except the hammer on bit, thats 16ths,.. there is a quater not in between
and the 2nd tab
its 8ths except the last 3 notes which are each an 8th plus a 16th

botEDIT, its just experimenting, but i'd like to know which time signature it is
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Unless we know the exact rhythm, because atm you could be adding rests but we wouldn't know, we can't tell you the time signature.
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Your explanation is too vague. It'd be easier if you just gave us the note values in order for each
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That made so little sense...I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that the first one is 11/8 (it almost certainly isn't), and I don't know what to make of the second one given your description...
Well you'd need to add a few more note values onto the 1st one, because it looks like 3/4 time, or if you take one of the 16ths out it would be a fairly normal 4/4 time.

Just work in bars; the bottom number is the value of the notes used, and the top number is how many there are in each bar.
So 4/4 time is literally 4 4th (quarter) notes in a bar. 3/4 is 3 4th notes in a bar etc.

thats a useful article for explaining it better, or download powertab software for free and you can put your own riffs into it and check time sigs.
Its a complex world trying to learn how they all work