Ok final spam for the day

This song my mate and I just finished for my band.
Had a play around with some cool chords and riffs, simple riff-harmony-riff-harmony structure.
Oh yea and an irrelevant breakdown for the hell of it
The bit that says solo will have a solo there one day (funny that!)

Please give feedback and ill do the same for yours

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The leads on "irrelevant breakdown" are totally disgusting, I think you should change them entirely.

Everything else is awesome, the bass lines are ****ing epic.
Good work!
the whole F G# G lead you use in the verse is too cliche imo....I feel like I've heard it too many times on ultimate guitar lol. The tech bridge happy thing was a bit too drawn out as well, possibly shorten it or use some chord progressions. Didn't care for the reintro. The rest of the song sounded to me like 1 big outro.

overall 4.7/10. needs work and some more cool chords or progressions

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I don't really see any problems with this song, although I dislike its genre a lot it.
Ths song is a typical melo death/metalcore song as the title says, but in contrast to most of the *core posted here, it isn't that generic. Rather the opposite.
One of the few metalcore pieces that I could actually listen to, only some minor flaws in there.

I loved the melody in the chorus part, I'd underline that with a few bends to give it a softer feel.
First note of the solo was good, I hope that part comes out well later, definitely want to lsiten to it if it ever gets tabbed out.
Outro was good too, fit's the song.

All in all a quite decent song, doesn't get boring and has nice riffs, I can't really understand the crit of ~Flounder~, I really liked the reintro. With a decent solo it's 8.5/10, with an epic solo it's 9/10 :cheers.

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I smell some BTBAM influence?

I like it, didn't really see anything wrong with anything, can't wait for a solo and a recording.

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