i have to buy a guitar nd im confused whether to buy the esp m-100 or the ibanez grg270..plz help me out dudes

p.s.my budget is like till 350 usd
Don't confuse the Ibanez Gio series or the Esp cheaper ltd's with the companies' other series, they don't compare... but, even though I'm an Ibanez man through and out, the Ibanez Gio series isn't anything special imo, the ltd might be better.

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get the hell out of GB&C, this belongs in the guitar forum im damn sure.*reported*
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i had to decide between these aswell lol. i got the ESP LTD but that cus i play a lot of hard rock and metal and stuff. the ibanez would sound better clean because of the single coils are prtty good but apart from that there more or less the same sort of build
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get the hell out of GB&C, this belongs in the guitar forum im damn sure.*reported*


Anyway, the ESP, because cheapo Ibanez aren't special, while the LTD is atleast....

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I never liked the lower ESPs and Ibanezs.
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I dont like the low end ones, do some searching and Im sure you can find a good used one for those prices
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they r different kinds of guitars, what kind of music do u like to play (genres, band names, ect...)
chk this one out..jst slightly outta ur budget...but overall the specs beat the ltd and the gio...

edit : this guitar is really nice too...the RG321...mahagony body...good neck...no shitty tremolo system (well im a lil biased here...i detest floating bridges)

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I'd get the LTD, it's probably a lot better than a Gio. *shrug* Just get whichever one feels better.
The best advice you'll get in this thread is to go play the guitars for yourself and make your own decision. There is no right or wrong answer.
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I loves mah Gio. It's a GRG170DX, it's pretty tight.

But just go and try them out, I choose my GRG over more expensive deans and schecters.