Just some shit I jotted down at a Subway. If you don't mind being a bit unhealthy, I recommend the double meat Subway melt with pepperoni. Pepper jack cheese. Loaded with veggies. It's out of this world.

There's window seals
being assaulted by rain.
the house in my head,
exists in my brain,

And there's a storm.
I forget my name.
But the Russians!
F/cking Russians at the door.

So much is going on
I forgot sometimes,
just why it is I wake up.
Why do I, actually? Shit.

I don't know who I am
Days go by,
I exist, but only in mind,

My body changes, fades,
decays, rots, grows anew. It exists,
but only temporarily.
I exist, therefore, I am pissed.

Pissed because there's
Too many puzzles, too many f/cking
vague and pretentious question,
God dammit, I need answers.

But I won't ever get them.
I exist, therefore I exist,
Therefore I exist,
Therefore I exist.

I guess there isn't really
anything beyond that.
I'd always hoped I was
something more than just something.

There's middle school girls
giving it up to high school boys.
We're all dying really quiet
But good God, we make such noise.