Hey, I usually don't play standing up, but when I do, my strap shoulder hurts after about 5 minutes. Could it be a problem with my straps, or do I just need to get my left shoulder stronger? If the former, I'd like to know a good kind of strap that isn't too expensive, and if the latter, I'd like to know some tips on getting it stronger. Thanks.
How thin is the strap?
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Quote by georgakis187
How thin is the strap?

Both straps are about 2"-2.5" I believe. I can probably find them online, so I'll try to provide links.

Edit: Guitar strap is this, still looking for the bass strap.

Can't find the bass strap, but I'm pretty sure it's a 3" Levy's strap.
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what kinda guitar you have? i think you just need a wider strap, one that distributes the weight over your shoulder better. and you might as well splurge and get a nice strap, a Levys leather strap is very snazzy looking and simple, and around the $35 range last time i checked.
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Nylon! Not good. Get a Levy's leather or suede strap (make sure its long enough) and most of your problems will be solved. Nylon straps cut at the inner and outer edges into your shoulder. I made that mistake many years ago wuth a LP Black Beauty (11lbs) and switched to a 4 inch wide padded strap that relieved it. My shoulder was permanently damaged before that and I still have to have good straps for any guitar.
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I use a leather DiMarzio clip lock strap, the same width as the the one in your link with my Spector Euro 5 which is as heavy if not heavier than any Les Paul and I'm fine with it.
A more comfortable strap really goes a long way, but you may just need to get used to playing standing up.

If your using your ibanez destroyer, those mothers are HEAVY. That could also be part of it.
TBH, you should just stand more often. It'll mean you get adjusted to it. Once you've been doing it for a while if you still feel it's uncomfortable then invest in another strap.
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^true. if you want to be used to playing in a live setting, stand up more. for the most part, what you can play standing up, you can usually play a lil easier (maybe not by much, but noticeably to me) sitting down, so it helps you develop a different type of technique really.
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
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