Selling this beautiful vintage guitar as I've just bought a Jaguar ( ) and I need the extra money.

It has a fixed bridge unlike the new S470's which come with locking bridges and nuts and stuff. I personally don't like them, which is why I opted for the 93 version in the first place. It has a humbucker in the neck, single coil in the middle and humbucker in the bridge, making it a very versatile guitar. It has a 5 way selector to get the right sound with a tone and volume knob. Rosewood fret board, little if any wear (expected with a vintage guitar).

All in all, it is a simple yet stunning guitar. The black finish, rosewood neck and black Ibanez headstock look amazing together. The playability is a joy to behold, and you can get any type of sound you want.

I'm looking for around £300 but I'll listen to offers.

Thanks for viewing!

Pics coming soon