I've had this RG550 for little over a month, bought from a friend who did not use the guitar at all so there's ZERO fret wear. It has since had a cleanup, fret dress, new pickups, locking studs and been set up with 10's/low action (not silly low, which kills sustain). Neck is true/straight and you can go lower if you prefer 9's.

My choice of pickups were Tone Zone/Air Norton, and I decided to throw in white pickups so it has a new look.

If you try it, I'm sure you'll buy it so you're welcome to drop in and jam. One reason I'm selling is the maple board just doesn't do it for me, second reason is I want a J Custom (if you have one, we can trade + cash).

Absolutely no dings or marks on the guitar, and it comes with a non-Ibanez hard case so I'm looking for £450 on collection. I'll throw in a set of strings of your choice - EXL110 or EXL120.

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Yup, 550's are bolt on... if its original its probs a square heel (Lovely!), though I think the reissues are the same(...?).

PS - Wish I could afford this.
Sorry guys, guitar's sold!
Gear: Ibanez, MusicMan, Mesa Boogie, Fractal Audio, RJM Music