A have a string thru jackson kelly and was looking into pimping it out with a kahler trem. However I was wondering how problematical it would be to install, due to the string thru design. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience in doing this and if they faced any problems. Any thought's most appreciated- cheers!
It's not worth the money. Just buy a new guitar that has one already.

And please don't say you're "pimping" your guitar
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String through design doesn't really affect the installation much. Just remember that you have to route out a cavity on the face of the guitar. Remove the ferrules and or bridge studs and plug all the holes. after that you can get a routing template from kahler with the bridge.

it isn't the easiest task and you are virtually destroying your guitars value, but if you need a Kahler, go ahead.
i don't really want to buy another guitar outright, just making use of what I have got and i'm pimping (=p) this guitar out anyways. Projects are much more fun and time/money consuming as well!

Sell on value means nothing to me, I've never wanted to get rid of any guitar (Hence why I just mod them instead)
I was wondering about the torsional forces applied from the rotation if they would have any detrimental affect on the body where the string thru holes are posistioned but then it probably isn't going to that great a force even over a long time. I waffle.
Thanks custom dude
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Jackson Kelly KSE something or other,. Oh and it's red (for now). It's pretty basic in it's current form but definately a solid base to work off.