Hi, new here. First post wayhay. Anywho here's a cover of the In Flames song Jotun I recorded this morning. Made the backing track myself with DFH and Cubase. I love covering In Flames songs, so much fun to play and lots of harmonies to record

some c&c be appreciated
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Badass man. The lead tone is a little piercing, but eh...no big deal. Killer playing AND backing track. In Flames forever!
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Cheers dude, nice one . I thought that myself, wasn't too happy with the lead tone - finding it hard to get a nice warm tone using my Line6 GX -how I miss my JCM . I reckon I'll re-record those piercing leads over the next few days.
You picked a great song to cover and did it well. The harmonies were right on. Maybe just use different pickup settings for the high leads.