I was playing a song the other day (poorly) and I came across this chord:

E A D g b e

X 4 6 6 6 4

It's obviously a C#Db, but can people really jam three fingers on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th string in the sixth fret? Or is there some technique used so you don't have to? I'm getting pretty good at barre chords, so that's not the problem. After 4 months of playing, I still miss hitting a clean A everytime with my fat fingers. I don't know how I'm gonna hit this one.

As usual...thanks for the help.
I can do that, yes. But more frequently I would bar with my first finger on the fourth and then use my third finger for all three of the sixth fret notes. Or use my third for the note on the D string and my fourth for the other two.

Basically, just finger it any way you possibly can, there's no incorrect way as long as you get the notes.
I use my first finger to bar the 4th fret and then use my pinky for the rest. It works perfect for me because the first part of my pinky before the joint is just the right length to hold down 3 strings. You could try it this way.
yeah just use your first finger (closest to the thumb) to barre the notes on the 4th fret then use your third finger to barre the notes on the 6th fret or you can use your first finger to barre the 4th frets and use the rest of your fingers to get the other 6th fret notes
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I don't know your musical training but without getting too in-depth as per theory the fret 6 on your D string is the same note as the fret 4 on your e string. I agree with gibson_jack in that you should bar with 1 and use your 3rd finger to bar the 6's. You can also try this alternate fingering:

9x6669 (optional 9 on the high e, otherwise mute it)

You would use your 3rd finger on the low E 9th fret, bar the 6's and your 4th on the high 9. This chord is a little root-heavy but also does the trick.

If worse comes to worse think about different chord colors and your melody. See if a C#2/Db2 would fit with your melody, which is


Pretty self-explanatory, it's fingered like the minor barre on the 6th string.

Info overload. Back to the pit for me.
yea for those i bar the 4th fret all the way with first finger, and use my 3rd finger for the D and G strings, and 4th finger for the B string. its a little uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it quick and it makes for the easiest fingering and cleanest note sounding for me. all of these are good suggestions though