Hey guys,
I am planning on renting an amp this weekend to start finishing some of my original projects. I have my fender in which always does well, but I wanted try something different. Any advice on some nice amps fro recording? I want to stray away from the everydays, like marshall etc... Any un-sung heroes in this field? All opinions welcome, 'cuz ill be trying 'em out all day before renting...ehehhe
You should probably mention your type of music that you want to play...
Orange Tiny Terror is nice from what I've heard of it.

Just for metal theres the usual obvious candidates like the 5150, 6505 and Double Rectifier.

I know you said no Marshalls, but I've been working with the JCM2000 recently in conjunction with an orange cab and I've been liking it.
The orange amp definatly sounds like something I want to try.

Thanks for suggestion...Ill be trying them tomorrow morning bright eyed and bushytailed
Im kinda tired of the drive of a marshall...But using them in conjunction with soeting else I have never tried..Another cool idea. Well see what kinda funds itll take eheheheh

edit: oh and the 6505 is my fall back plan ehehhe...Its what i intended. The failsafe. Was just curious of ideas outside the box.
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Holy Crap batman!
Where have I been on the orange tiny terror?! Damnnnn....Ive listened to a few samples I found through google...And if it sounds this good in person, IM SOLD! lol might j ust buy it....thats the tone ive been searching for!