i have a line 6 ux2 which came with live lite 7
i have no idea how to get it to record stuff, can someone please help
Frist with live you have to setup y our soudn interface. Prefereces>Audio tab adn select right input and output.

Then choose which view you want to use to record with in live. Session or anngement view. The default view is like a desktop scratch pad. Laying out cin front of you. Arrangement view allows you to see more like a generic DAW program like reaper cubase etc... To change back and fortht here are two circle icons top right...Under neath the CPU meter. One on top the other.

To arm your track.Insert an audio track.....Select "audio from" and choose your input. Click the record button.

Then when you want to record>

Session view > Click on the circle in the left of the rectangles a clip starts recording.

Arrangement view> Set up your punch in or out if you want. Hit record on top in middle of toolbar.

Thats the basic gist of it all...But it can do so much.
Live is nto as good as multitracking as some of the other big boys. Live 8 made is bit better. But just go in arrngement view....Add in as many audio track as you need. Set up the audio from on each track....hold CTRL + click all record buttons to arms tracks.....Master record button on top to start recording on all them.

edit: live 7 you wont be able to group tracks. So just be careful when moving tracks around to select all in the group. You have to do it manually.
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