Hey i finally got my Bugera head and cab together today! Its a 333xl and the bugera 4x12 cab. What they didnt tell me is that they dont send a damn audio cablem so had to go out get 1 today!!

At the mo i have 1 cable running from the input on the cab to the head. Its set to mono. Is there any advantage to having it set to stereo if its only 1 instrument plugged in and making the sounds? Just debating if its worth spending another £12.00 on a second cable! Thanks for any advice u can give me!
The only advantage is multiple heads or an effect that can utilize stereo
Half stacks are supposed to run in mono.

Stereo is only used when you are running two amps at the same time.

If you run a single half stack in stereo mode, only two of the four speakers will work.
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Speaker cables aren't expensive.

It's well worth having a spare, if nothing else. Don't skimp on quality though - if your speaker cable breaks, it can take your amp out with it.
Quote by mespinos
The only advantage is multiple heads or an effect that can utilize stereo

Don't quote me on this because I may be wrong, but I think that a stereo effect (such as rotating speaker - yea I use that one as an example way too much lol) will still be mono even if run through a stereo cab unless its run through a head that has stereo outputs.
IIRC, if you're running a stereo pedal into a stereo amp, it'll play stereo. A lot of guitar players usually go The Edge's way (U2) and run into 2 separate amps.

So, unless the last pedal in your chain isn't stereo, you prob won't notice a difference.
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