Hey guys im kinda looking for advice on some solos which would fit my taste.It would really help if some of you would post the names of the songs which fit my liking.Im looking for solos which dont have millions of hammer ons in seconds but ones which have a vibe with lots of bends and a feeling to it.Some solos i like are the fade to black intro and outro solos and pantera's floods.Any advice would be helpful.thx
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I was just learning Sweet Child O Mine by GnR
Great solo
Lots of bends and vibrato's
A great fast bit near the end which you can improvise the hell out if you want too
November Rain

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Black Crowes hard to handle

AC-DC songs

Good songs to learn bluesy riffs and bends. And besides if you start jamming in a cover band those songs always go over well. Well if you singer can handle AC-DC anyway.

Oh and Gilmour is the king of crafty bendsy tasteful awesome solos, so Pink Floyd also
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Seize the day, even if you hate avenged sevenfold, you gotta admit its a beautiful solo