i trying to learn about the construction of minor 7b5 and minor 7 sharp 5 arpeggios in the keys of G - B and dont seem to be able to find anything useful.
could anyone give me a quick lesson on this. any help would be great
many thanks
tim bloomer
m7♯5 is actually just an add9 chord built off of what would've been the ♯5.

You should be able to work these arpeggios out on your own if you know a bit of theory. Learning to do it yourself is alot more beneficial than just getting somebody to give it to you.
I take it your learning the technical exercises for the rockschool grade 8 exam?

You can just learn the shapes but it would be much more beneficial to learn how to construct them.

7#5 = 1 3 #5 b7

7b5 = 1 3 b5 b7

m7#5 = 1 b3 #5 b7

m7b5 = 1 b3 b5 b7
yeah i posted this first and then spent a good half hour working them out myself
thankfully it all worked out

cheers guys