I'm now looking for the ULTIMATE modern metal distortion pedal, crushing gain, 3 band EQ, note clarity, TIGHT AS F**K LOW END, NO flub whatsoever, THICK tone, no metal muffs/metalzones please...
I'm not looking for "amp in a box" tones.
I know "nothing beats amp distortion" and all that but I'm a pedal maniac.

I went through the gear for metal thread and it's quite impressive, but I didn't find anything that exactly matches my description.

I prefer handbuilt pedals, partly because of the personal level of customer support they offer...aside from the kickass quality.
Budget isn't really an issue, but for now keep it to $250 US

I'm considering pedals like the Emma PisdiYAUwot that's just been released, I'm in love with the demos. Or a Menatone None More Black, or something in that range. ZVex Box of Metal is cool but I'm looking for other options.

I changed my amp, got this one free
Its an SS amp(DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT FLAMING) that responds BEAUTIFULLY to pedals, I was pleasantly surprised.
Any ideas/suggestions?

I'm being very specific about my target tone, please help me out.
Want crushing distortion?

Screw the pedals. Just buy 100 of those.
Hobo, shut the **** up. I'm serious here.


Edit:I tried the HT DistX....sounded kinda meh...anything else?
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