Im plannig on buying a new amp, considering mine sucks..... baaaaad

I definetly want to get a tube amp, and the Vox AC4TV caught my eye!

I'm gona be using it mostly for bedroom practice and the occasional jam
I play stuff like; Queens of the stone age, wolfmother, deep purple etc.

Budget is up to £250

Any better suggestions for the price?

I tried it out in the shop the other day and i love it!
Just wanted to check if there where any others i should try
It's a great little amp, I love mine. You'll want to get a pedal for stuff like QOTSA though, having played a Big Muff through it, it will sound great for that.

As for a couple of others to look at:
Bugera V5
Blackheart Little Giant
If you're going to use it for the occasional jam, I suggest something a little bit louder.

Lots of people say good stuff about the Bugera V22, you should try looking for it in your local stores.