yeah, post your most favorite and disliked radio stations in your area.

post your area.
the stations, and why you like/hate them
i'll start,
Ottawa, Canada
CHEZ106.1, its the best one there is, they play classic rock and they always kick ass.

Virgin radio (formerly the BEAR) 106.9, it basically sucks ass, the constantly play the same stuff, at my old job they would have it playing in the store me and my friends had a list of every song they play and when they play it. We look at the list and listen to the songs like clockwork, everyday the same songs at the same times. they play new boring crap like nickelback and that new linkin park song.

BOBFM 93.9 (formerly KOOLfm), ya they basically play '80s 90's and whatever, just like they say they do. its actually not bad, im a sucker for the cheap 80s stuff. but at least they dont play new mainstream crap all day.

The new HOT89.9, they play rap and hip-hop and all the same songS all day and night. And all the millions of dull-headed remixes they do of the same songs just so they dont get critisised for playing the same stuff, even though they do. and they say theYre the NEW hot89.9, but they've been at it for at least 6-7 years now.

and then there's MAGIC100.3fm, which is basically a christian station, usual crap like celine dion and INXS (ooh yeah rock 'n roll boys and girls!) or some of the slower stuff that HOT89.9 plays, its basically a granny station. plus theres that guy i forget his name (he used to be on ET Canada), who says all this pointless health stuff every two seconds, like ''eating potato skins can increase your age by an average of 6 months'' and ''eating less apples will prevent early menopause'', you know, stuff only old women pay attention to.

theres also KISSfm, which is the same thing as MAGIC 100.3 except for a slightly younger audience, and guess what? they play boring-ass, idiot-minded mainstream crap also! how original!!

yeah , i ranted abit, whatever its allowed, lets see how long this thread lives.

Hong Kong, Kowloon

RTHK 94.4
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Bloomington, Indiana

92.3WTTS is pretty good, they play alt-rockish stuff from the 60's to now. You can hear both the Beatles and new Radiohead (which I might add is super, super rare in the US). Also, they play not just singles, but a lot of album tracks too.

But I can't wait until I get a satellite radio in the dorm so I can listen to Alt-Nation and Lithium again.
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5live. It doesn't play music so I can't be annoyed at the choices.
Greenville NC

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oh and i forgot LIVE88.5, basically punk, indie, alternative, thats sort of stuff. its actually good. not excellent, but a good station to tune into when all the others are playing shit or on commercials.
Dewsbury, England

Galaxy I dislike very much mostly because of the music though I like a little thing they have called She said he said or something

Radio 1 don't like because of Moyles
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dallas texas

102.1 the edge. they play a lot of alt rock and they mix it up all the time. and they play local bands a lot.

Currently i live in Guajadalajara, Mexico. (center-west part of Mexico actually) and there's a classic rock/80's music station that says the name of english songs in spanish. (ex: Guns n' Roses welcome to the jungle-Guns n' Roses Bienvenido a la Jungla)

When i lived in Tijuana I listened to San Diego's Rock station (i loved the saturday night because they would play trash)
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Y108. Hamilton
Pretty good stuff. All rock (Classic and Modern), no pop/rap/country or anything.

102.1 The Edge. Toronto.
Same deal really. There's a history of the music with Alan Cross on Sundays which is neat. Alice Cooper has his own program every night from 7-11 also.
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I hate galaxy 105.
Radio 2 is pretty good as well as kerrang.

Now me and TS know where everyone lives. Muahhahhhaha.
Oh well.. on-topic:

104.9(Mortal) Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
It plays mosty reggaeton, which I like. You gotta broaden your horizons farther than rock.
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Kansas City, KS.

98.9 The Rock- hosts awesome concerts all the time, plays a huge variety of music, has an hour long metal show at 11:00 called The Pit, the most awesome morning DJ in Johnny Dare, and also at 9:00PM they have Mandatory Metallica, 3 Metallica songs.

101.1 The Fox- A nice classic rock station. Not as awesome as 98.9, but awesome still.

105.5 the Jack- A variety station. Plays crap and good stuff, always nice to listen to when you want a break from the stuff you're listening to.

97.3 K-LOVE- A crappy Christian station. Took over the old station here, which was 1000x more awesome.

99.7 The Kiss- crappy mainstream station. Also took over an old station, which was a cool classic rock station.
Absolute Radio, London. 105.8FM
Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock. All the greats.
It's witty, too and it has great competitions and other stuff.
97.5 K-ROCK
Classic Rock station with "only the essential new rock", which basically means new Canadian radio so that they aren't playing the same old songs over and over again while keeping to 16% Canadian content level.

Theres a country station...CHVO something, never listened to it.

99.1 HITS FM
New music, whatever's popular. I dont listen to it usually.

101.1 The Coast
Easy listening. Usually old stuff. Like K-rock, only softer.

94.7 OZ FM
The one thats been there forever. All the other stations aren't even a decade old (K-rock, the oldest, is 6 years..I think). But this one has been around a looong time. Used to be a bit of everything, but now its just The Rock of the Rock (nickname for NFLD). And its pretty awesome.

On the side, I listen to 102.1 The Edge on the internet. Pretty cool station.
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105.9 The Rock
Classic rock, which, in my eyes, can do no wrong. They play all the good stuff I like, from the Stones and Hendrix to Skid Row and Judas Priest. I like pretty much everything they play, except for a few songs here and there which I'm not fond of but don't mind.

102.9 The Buzz
This station is okay, they play a ton of lame alt-rock shit, but occasionally they'll slip in something good like Metallica, AC/DC or Black Sabbath.

Mix 92.9 - I hate this station with a passion. Syrupy 80s power ballads (and not the good heavy metal ones, lame ones from people like Bryan Adams and such, and they slip in crappy pop-country type stuff from people like Taylor Swift and the Rascall Flatts. But around Christmas they just play Christmas music, which I've grown to despise. I have to ride the bus to school and this is the only station the bus driver will listen to. (I miss my old school, where the buses didn't have radios)
Sirius 17 Jam On. Seriously.
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96.5 klr the planet classic rock
96.9 wwuz classic rock
102.1 the x alternative
100.9 y101 alternative
95.4 k95 country
93.1 the wolf country
88.9 public radio jazz, classical, and ocassionally blues
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106.1 Rock Radio.

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Q107.1 - classic rock. Not that I listen to classic rock anymore, but its good radio when you're doing physical labour.
102.1 The Edge - I don't listen to this anymore
Internet radio >>>> all my local radio stations. Other Oklahomans: How many times have you turned off the Katt only to find the same song on the Buzz?


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106.5-107.7 Argyll FM - The local radio station from a different town that consists of ceilidh music and terrible shit rock. It is so truly terrible.

I also have a bit of a penchant for Radio 1, but only between the hours of seven at night and three in the morning.
WBCN 104.1FM ... but they took it down recently... and i have been sad ever since...