I’m allergic to your love,
Its brings me to a rash,
It always gets me sneezing,
It’s definitely not the cat,
And please don’t blame the dog,
Moulting all year round,
My eyes are only puffy,
When its you that is about,
I’ve tried all the remedies,
And all the herbal teas,
But the only cure that I have,
Is when you stay away from me,
The heart wants what it wants,
The brain thinks things through,
I’m sorry but it’s not my fault,
My body just hates you.
And Like That. He was Gone.

My Lyrics

genius. You have just contributed to the world cultural heritage and literature. You deserve a hats off and a pat on the back. Don't spend it all in one place.

I really like it, tho i hope it wasnt meant as something too serious
The corners of your mouth feel dry and rather itchy, don't they?

(oh god, I just noticed this one) Your penis is never quite comfortable in its current position.

oh btw:
manual blinking activated