I just received my LP Gold Top from Warmoth, inspected it and there are no scratches but, there are 4 or 5 small black specks under the clear coat.

It doesn't bother me too.... much. Would you complain about it or would you consider it over analization?


1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
I'm sorta on the fence about it. I didn't expect the minor flaws but getting a replacement might be overkill and too much trouble.

Anyhow I'll post some pictures later, need to charge the camera.
1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
Tbh, I don't think any one would notice unless they're huge.
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1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
I just get a little picky after spending 5 bills
1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
Maybe not a return case, but ask for a nice discount on something else. Unless you got that from the showcase for a low price, you paid 200 bones for a professional finish.
Ya, that would bug me if I spent that much. If it was a 100$ ebay special, I wouldn't complain, but if I spent big bucks for it...

What do they say about defects on the paint jobs when you order one? Contact them, they have a 10-day return if you're not happy.
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In all honestly, if you aren't totally happy with it now, you won't ever be?

If you think its gonna affect you're enjoyment of the instrument you're creating then either take it back or work on getting a discount from something else?
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Contact them. They're pretty cool about most things. Many of the things on the showcase are returns. Send them the pictures, and just tell them that since you paid the big $$, you expected commensurate workmanship.