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Which band DVD/live performance tape is your personal favorite? I'd have to say that my 2nd favorite is Tenacious D the Complete Masterworks 2, but my favorite is this DVD.

If you don't know which DVD that is you don't deserve oxygen.
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John Mayer - Where the Light Is.
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Avenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC
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I'm usually disappointed with band dvd's as I want more than just a live show. I like to have extra studio or backstage footage, or some interviews.
Right now I'm gonna have to say Life On The Murder Scene by My Chemical Romance. Followed by the dvd that comes with the Plagues reissue from The Devil Wears Prada.

Just going off the live show alone though, definitely Colors_Live.
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Steve Vai: Where the Wild Things Are
Steve Vai: Live at the Astoria London
Muse: HAARP Live at Wembley Stadium
Guns N' Roses: Live in Tokyo
Mr Big: Back to Budokan
Various Frank Zappa ones.

That one is also exceptional.
Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere.. its so good.
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AC/DC: Live at Donnington
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Green Day - Bullet In A Bible

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Gojira - The Link alive
BTBAM - colors live
Opeth - Lamentations
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Lamentations was WIN.

Dream Theater - Live at Budokan was also, WIN.
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For those of you who want to know, it was me holding my copy of Neverender Children of the Fence Edition, which just so happens to have my name in it. So nya.
...In my opinion.
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RHCP- Live at Slane Castle

Between the buried and me- colors live
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Skin and bones - Foo fighters.

Van Halen-Live Without a Net

Poison-Seven Days Live
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Neverender: Children of the Fence Edition

+ infinity
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I have only seen the first Tenacious D one, I do want to see both, but it is awesome! they're great live!

My personal favourite would have to be Paramore's The Final Riot!.
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Fugazi - Instrument
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Radiohead From the Basement.

You can watch the whole thing in super HD here:

Every performance is perfect, especially Optimistic, Myxomatosis, and Weird Fishes.
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Nightwish - End Of An Era.

also, the last live - x japan
haarp - muse
volkerball and live aus berlin - rammstein
Nirvana - live at reading
Alkaline Trio - live at the metro
Parkway Drives dvd is alrightt aswelll
Chuck Norris Hates Raymond
Pendulum live at The Brixton Academy
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Killadelphia by Lamb of God
Also, if 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell by Pantera counts, then that one too.
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