you didnt have to do that
you didnt have to break my heart
you know i love you
you know i really do
but now im just falling apart
oh no im just falling apart

hey hey whatd you say
that you want me back again
oh no im not crazy
this is just another game

scar on the wounded
shes a soldier of passion
shes been broken and bleeding
hearts that have foundered
and searching for reason
to keep on beleiving

breath in, itll be alright
breath out, thats how you get through the night
breath in, just another dream
breath out...
Sorry if Ive offended some kind of Punk God I should brush up on my Commandments of Punk maybe copy down the Punk Bible a few thousand times so I don't forget again sorry for my error O Punk Master Of All Things That Are Punk .
so i'm a sucker for songs named breath, and this def does the title justice. i ecspecially love the last part i can totaly connect with it.