Just bought a Marshall Class 5, all I gotta say is:


So far it lives up to the name "Baby Plexi"

Pictures up soon....
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Nice, Awesome amp you have there! HNAD!
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sweet amp man I have one, it is awesome. And yeah, PICs!
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First I've heard it called a "Baby Plexi"... I've heard it referred to as a "Baby Bluesbreaker" though.

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Greg what did you send me??
@ pics or its an MG.
Yea I should of wrote down "....and its an MG!!!!"

...but anyways, here are some pictures as promised. I went to eat so couldn't take them right away. Sheesh people are impatient here. Oh and I've heard it been a baby plexi a number of times. I'll even quote the owners manual:
"This small combo amplifier is in response to a very common request we have received over the years which nearly always contains the phrase - "can we have the Marshall stack sound, but at a much lower volume please", so here it is, a "baby Plexi" if you like."

Oh and if anyones wondering, yes its loud. Last but not least I gotta thank Rob Chappers for pushing me over the edge on making a decision to get one of these. Never met the man but his YT video where he visits the Marshall factory and tries out the Class 5 by itself and through the 4x12 cab had me convince. Thanks man, or as the English would say.... cheers

EQ all set to 10, how EVH of me

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very nice
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Nice looks good!
Apart from that ridicules plastic button that pops out... At least it has a proper metal switch, not like those plastic ones.


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Sweet I've really been looking at the Class 5. I assume they can nail any AC/DC, Cream, or Led Zep fix you need?
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Looks great!

HNAD, have fun.
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LezPaulEpiphone: Which plastic button that pops out? You mean the light switch? That's classic Marshall man! Besides, some of their best amps had plastic switches, like the JCM series.

stykerwolf: Thanks, took me a while and a lot of stress to get that 5150 to what it is today.

Pickup Switch: Its a Marshall and roars like one, check out some clips online but Cream and AC/DC should be no problem.
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HNAD. very nice that it has the headphones option too.
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HNAD! I've been looking around for another smaller amp. How much did this run you?
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Sweet, HNAD! I like the headphone option, hows it for volume anyways?

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I still look at these and really GAS for one. But I need a gigging amp first.

quickEDIT: that vid sounds good
Do another and really put it through it's paces
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Go and crank the volume to 10 for me.
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Yup exactly, crank it to 10 and get evicted

Thanks for the comments guys, if anyones wanting to get one of these I recommend it To the guy earlier I forgot to answer, it cost me about $530 CDN.
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