I'm playing guitar about 3,5 years. I think now is time to change my guitar - cort m200. Overall it is good guitar, but it sounds dark and I don't like shape.
I play something like Alter Bridge, Alice in chains, Rage Against the Machine and sometimes ac/dc and other classic rock bands.
It took a lot of time to find guitar I like. My choice was RG320FM. Is it good guitar for it price? My budget 600$. I would like to buy a strat with natural color like RG320FM or that fender strat or maybe red like that . Other guitar shape styles/colors aren't welcomed, but you may suggest
So, any suggestions about RG320FM. Or better to look on other guitar?
are you only looking for something strat shaped? Idk what you think of epi sg's, but theyre pretty cheap for your budget and they are good guitars. you could also check out the paul reed smith se line. from my experience they are about the best guitar in their price range. That would be my number 1 recomendation
I second the PRS SE range recommendation! I had a Tremonti SE fitted with EMGs, lovely guitar
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seems that mh-401 have active pickups, but i'd prefer passive
my first idea was- take RG320 and put in seymour duncans (SH-1 and SH-4). Not sure...
I think you need to get your butt to a guitar store and start trying stuff out.
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So, i checked my local shop but i didn't find that i search.

Can anyone name guitars which aren't painted - just with natural finish. I would like to buy a guitar with a tremolo. So list with guitars i found
RG320FM - seems, that Edge III isn't good for fast tuning change (drop d)
rg321mh - nice color, but no tremolo
RGA32 MOL - the same
also i found some fender stratocasters with natural finish, but they are a bit expensive for me

So, can anyone name me guitars like rg321mh with a tremolo?
The ideal guitar would be that
It has a color i want, a tremolo and have humbuckers. But the problem is that the guitar seems to be a custom made and it would be hard or impossible get it
If i took rg321mh than making a tremolo will do a extra costs for me.
That's why I am asking for advice
I think Ibanez have just released info on their 2010 models; or it's been leaked. Either way wait a while and see what they have coming out. Or try to get an older, superseded model for a cheaper price. The new S series I think has 24 frets.
You're in the US, correct? $600 can get you a really nice Benford built how you want it. www.benfordguitars.com

Email Steve and let him know exactly what you are looking for and what your price limit is he can give you all sorts of suggestions. You would probably love a tung oiled, rear routed body (HSS) with a wilkinson trem.

He builds with Mighty Mite parts, but he lives nearby and actually hand picks the bodies/necks from their stock. His $400 standard strats kill most MIA standard Fenders.