You see me staring at you
But you don't care
You just walk away from me
Do you know how that feels?
Feels like a shot in the heart

Why can't you see
I'm in love with you
You don't care about me
And I'll be here waiting for you

Love me feel me I love you

I love your hair
Your eyes are beautiful
You make me smile
When I look at you
I like your face
I like you legs
But I don't like your personality
You make me mad
but I still love you
I don't know why
Please explain it to me
Why did I even like you
All you did was hurt me
you're just a stupid selfish bitch
Now you make me mad when I look at you
You ashame me now

I took the liberty to write out the lyrics here. In the part where there is a description of the girl and what the actor finds attractive I felt like it was hugely cliche until you said how you hate her "personality." I think this part can potentially be gold. You just need to play around with the wording to give the song it's own flesh and blood rather than the words you chose which seem a little rough. Basically I think the meaning behind the song and how you chose to express it has a lot of potential.



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