I was just messing around on my guitar using a chorus pedal when I got tired of it and used a drive pedal. But I had forgot to put batteries in the pedal and when I turned it on(well not exactly on, the LED was off) it did a chorus effect. While off it seemed to kill the signal. I'm not really concerned about the pedal but I would like to know what exactly happened. Any hints/guesses?
dude, that's just weird

did it happen just for a couple of seconds?
Whats ur amp? maybe it has memory?

New amp generation "We remember what u want to play" buahahah

No it happened every single time i turned it on but now that you mention it I was using a line 6........
then maybe the problem it's in the amp. The moddeling amps have a certain "memory" to have time to process the signal. Maybe
The pedal is probably not true bypass, and the fact that the battery was so low would have caused it to not let signal through when off.
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