in a nice bright white and with a set strap that unclips at your desire. great condition.

also, ill throw in an skb hardshell airline case (ive traveled with this case and it holds up amazingly.)

$650us OBO


best way to reach me in through that email
not to come back and sound like a dick but its in good condition and theres no more new ones. they discontinued them and stopped selling them for $750 at guitar center. im also putting up a skb hardshell airline case that was $200 so considering all that id say $650 shipped in a fair price. also leaving the "obo" option open for bargaining. im not trying to come off rude, just giving an explanation for my prices.
Its cool man, I was just curious as to your pricing. I googled it and got a few results that said they were selling new for $650. But like you said thats for just the guitar without the SKB case. Good luck with the sale man.
sorry, im not looking for trades. kinda in need of the cash due to some bills being a little late. but if someones interested ill take 600$ shipped as the new price. i want to be fair with it and considering what it is and comes with (im also throwing in picks, a tuner, string grease, extra strings blah blah)